Excavating Land Clearing

Before construction can begin on a worksite, it is crucial that the land be thoroughly cleared and prepared. R&T Ellis, Inc. provides reliable land clearing services for municipal, residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout Houston and the surrounding area. Land clearing will typically involve removal of any and all of the following:
  • Trees and stumps
  • Shrubs and vegetation
  • Refuse, debris, and rubbish
  • Large rocks and boulders
Land clearing is a crucial first step for subsequent civil contracting and development. Effective land clearing ensures that the work area is ready for excavating, grading and stabilization, paving, or other related processes. It also ensures that valuable equipment is not damaged and that the site is safe to begin work on. In order to handle the important process of land clearing, R&T Ellis, Inc. has developed a variety of important resources including cutting edge technology and equipment, an experienced, well-trained work force, and an in-depth knowledge of relevant local remediation regulations. Land clearing is just one step in the larger excavating and site preparation activities involved in civil contracting. Our clients can count us to get the job done quickly and efficiently without compromising on safety, quality, or thoroughness.


Grubbing is the process of removing unwanted trees, stumps, bushes, shrubs, and other undesirable materials from a worksite in order to ready it for future development. Grubbing is an important early step in the process that ensures that the site is ready for more advanced processes like grading and stabilization, construction, or paving. R&T Ellis, Inc. offers fast, efficient, high quality grubbing services. Another important element of grubbing is remediation of the waste products. Local municipalities and governments typically have regulations regarding disposal of these waste products and it is essential for civil construction projects to remain within the confines of these regulations. R&T Ellis, Inc. has the experience and expertise necessary to effectively handle remediation of grubbing waste. The type of material being removed is also a fundamental consideration for grubbing. Different size and types of trees and shrubbery requires different methods of extraction. In certain cases clients may also wish to preserve nearby vegetation out of a desire to be more eco-friendly, to reduce costs, or to make the finished site more visually appealing. R&T Ellis, Inc. is able to work within these different scenarios to yield properly cleared land that is ready for further development.